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The mobile device revolution is in full swing. From Smartphones and Superphones that changed the mobile device game to Tablets that are threatening to effectively put Netbooks out of business save for a few niche applications, our mobile world is changing. This is having an impact on less than mobile computing – your large Laptops and also your venerable Desktop Computer.

Are we moving toward the death of the computer and laptop as we know it today?
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Review: Apple iPhone 3GS


ReviewedI have been giving Apple products a lot of love this past month. Today SaBest handed me an iPhone 3GS to test, to coincide with their Facebook Post of the price drop on this model. It has been interesting spending some time with the iPhone.

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Money!People assign intrinsic value to money. Be it cash, what is in your account, or credits in an e-store. Cash  allows you to buy stuff. You could buy a car, it would be your car. You could buy a radio, and it would be YOUR Panasonic monster 3000watt PMPO sitting on your desk just waiting to freak out your neighbors.

With the advent of online stores you can buy applications with your cash, credit or whatnot. You can buy an iPhone app from the app store and have it downloaded onto your iPhone, or iPad for that matter. And it would be YOUR app.

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StreetSpark is an iPhone app that has taken the UK by storm, and now it is coming to South Africa. The developer of the application popped a comment on my blog with the press release quoted below. Since he says it better than I do, read his press release, and watch the YouTube videos linked to, the technology looks really awesome!

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