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I am in search of the perfect LDE4 distro, and this is going to be a looong series. I am going through various distros, and have not found a perfect one yet.

Recently, with my review of Linux Mint KDE two of the commenters pointed out that my scoring for Mint’s WiFi did not make sense.

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Fourth Installment in this series, and today I bring you some thoughts on Linux Mint 9 KDE4.

I have spent more than a week with it, and I am very impressed. This weekend I will switch to my third candidate.

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Part three of this series, and I am writing this from Linux Mint 9 KDE4. Already I am feeling very at home with it, and already after working heavily with quite a few KDE distros in a short timeframe I begin to realise some things that I find wrong with them are KDE specific.

Is Linux Mint 9 the KDE nirvana I am looking for?

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Okay, I have spent more than a week with openSUSE 11.3 KDE4. Right now I am downloading Linux Mint 9 KDE. I have not decided on my perfect KDE4 distro, but openSUSE 11.3 is a really strong contender. In this short writeup I will explore some reasons why I might NOT switch to it as my default OS.

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On the final day of my series on using KDE4 for seven days I made the bold statement that I would switch from being a Gnome user to KDE4 if I could only find myself the perfect KDE4 distro. (Begin reading with the first day HERE)

Today I start that quest with openSUSE 11.3

This is not a review, my openSUSE review will come soon, but more an impressions and “does it fill my needs” writeup

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Using KDE4 – Day 2


(New to this series? Read from DAY ONE)

Right, day two of this seven day series.

It is fortuitous that I started this series on Saturday instead of my normal Monday start. This gave me a chance to set up all my necessary programs and stuff like SSH keys etc before starting work Monday. Previously I would start Monday at the deep end with a new interface and wing it from there.

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The geek in me wants to try new stuff, and learn how they work. The geek in me also strives to be different than the mainstream. That is why I use Linux Software and is one of the reasons I run LinuxMint instead of Ubuntu Linux – everybody knows about Ubuntu, and it has lost a bit of its street-cred modifier.

Now Linux is becoming mainstream – people see you running something different and they ask “Hey! Is that Linux?”

Time for something different.

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