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Linux Mint is exploring the “Rolling Distro” route.

Recently they launched Linux Mint Debian Edition, or LMDE. I took some time to play with it, waiting for a proper time to do a full install and review.

My impressions so far are largely positive though… continue reading…

The gauntlet has been thrown down. I have been slapped in the face with a glove. Reader response to my previous six test comparison has been very strong. More tests were suggested. And I was politely (ahem) informed that my scoring methodology sucked, to put it bluntly.

Well I have expanded my tests, and improved my scoring methodology, and here is what I found.

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I have been an avid Tuxophile for a few years now, taking my first steps with linux back in 2000.  Back then Linux was very much the domain of the committed geek. Nowadays distributions become more and more easy to install and use, interoperability is second to none, and many distro’s have a very narrow focus on their target market.

Linux Mint is such a distro, and their focus is the desktop market. Based on Ubuntu as many other distributions are these days they provide an elegant and well maintained alternative for the user looking for a desktop Linux OS.

I have used various versions of Mint before, having been introduced to it at a local installfest a few years ago. With previous versions I have always returned to my all time favorite Ubuntu, since they started feeling like a broken Ubuntu install as I added more and more packages from the repositories.

With the letdown Ubuntu Hardy was recently I decided to give Mint another try and installed Mint Elyssa. Based off Ubuntu Hardy I was very impressed, and eventually canned my Ubuntu install.

Enter Felicia, the newest incarnation of the Mint family. Released Yesterday it promises to be the most complete and mature version of Linux Mint to date.

Will it deliver?

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