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When Scripting Helps


I ran out of space on my harddrive today. Serves me right trying to get along with a minimalistic 20gb /home partition.

Instead of trying to install or use a graphic tool to see what was using up the most space I decided I needed a quick script to get a picture of what is going on at /home.

Here is a quick overview of what I did…

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I am a Linux fanatic. I like gadgets. A colleague tells me offhand that he needs to help a friend with a Linux netbook and I am all ears. Colleague cannot fix it (he is a windows nerd) and I am all too happy to help.

So now here I am writing this blog entry on a brand new Acer Aspire One.

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The geek in me wants to try new stuff, and learn how they work. The geek in me also strives to be different than the mainstream. That is why I use Linux Software and is one of the reasons I run LinuxMint instead of Ubuntu Linux – everybody knows about Ubuntu, and it has lost a bit of its street-cred modifier.

Now Linux is becoming mainstream – people see you running something different and they ask “Hey! Is that Linux?”

Time for something different.

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Recently we quoted one of our larger customers to upgrade 25 of their workstations to Windows Vista and Office 2007.

After wading through the confusing Microsoft licencing options such as “Software Assurance” and “Volume Licencing” among other details we finally arrived at a quoteable price for the client. I was astounded, to say the least.

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Flashplayer 10 now on 64bit Linux

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For those of you who don’t know already, Adobe released an Alpha of Flash 10 for 64bit Linux. Interestingly there are not Windows or Apple versions available yet.

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I find the decision to release it before the MacOS or Windows versions very interesting to say the least.

Today I had the opportunity to install Intrepid Ibex on two machines. A high end monster with a 47″ HD monitor and our mid-to-bottom range pc in the bedroom

This is not an in depth review – these are my impressions after configuring and fooling around for a bit.

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Linux has many strengths, and many vices. One of it’s big strengths is the network transparency of the X server.

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Installing Linux and XP

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Ah, that old bugbear of anybody who has tinkered with their computer (read: “Most Gamers”), re-installing their operating system.

For the sake of brevity I will not get into too much detail unless needed, or dive too deeply into the technical stuff. My hardware in this case is an older machine: A Dell Latitude C610, PIII 1ghz, 256mb Ram, ATI Radeon Mobility M6LY 16mb.

Please note: This is NOT a step-by-step folks, it’s a first impressions type thingy… step-by-step MIGHT follow later on…

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