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Some FNB App News.


I have two press releases that bounced into my inbox regarding the FNB app and mobile banking.

Among the things covered are the App now being available on BlackBerry devices, and this deal includes a sweetener in the form of no data charges while using the app.

See the releases below for all the info:

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And here we have yet another reason to stay the heck off the open WiFi at airports and other hotspots.

Being curious I decided to see what gets broadcast over the air when I send WhatsApp messages to my friends. I connected my phone to my WiFi and messaged a friend. What I found was very interesting…

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The mobile device revolution is in full swing. From Smartphones and Superphones that changed the mobile device game to Tablets that are threatening to effectively put Netbooks out of business save for a few niche applications, our mobile world is changing. This is having an impact on less than mobile computing – your large Laptops and also your venerable Desktop Computer.

Are we moving toward the death of the computer and laptop as we know it today?
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