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Two weeks ago I wrote an open letter to the DA after engaging with Brandon Topham and other DA leadership on Twitter.

You can read the letter HERE.

This morning I received Brandon’s response in my email, and I am posting it below. He has touched on some of the issues I raised that will/would fall in his local government sphere of responsibility should they win Tshwane. As he has indicated many of the points I raised fall under a National Government level, and not local.

Below is the letter, with some comments by me in (italicised brackets).

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A Foreword For  The Regular Reader is not a political blog. I tend to steer clear of controversial issues that have no bearing on the technological  slant of my blog. I respect my readers right to differ from me on issues that are not technology or IT related. This is a blog where we are tech-heads first and foremost.

With this entry I am making an exception though, partly because our local government elections have entered our realm of influence, the on-line one, and I am choosing this medium that our political parties have embraced to take the fight to them.

UPDATE: The DA has responded via Brandon Topham to this entry, you can read it HERE.

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The Media tribunal is staring the media in South Africa in the face. I have pondered the implications of  Media Tribunal for a while now. I have an opinion about what it will mean to the unofficial press, the unregulated media that is  so prevalent.

Bloggers and Microbloggers

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