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Previously I wrote about PC-BSD. I have tried and used the Fibonacci and Galileo versions before, and now I am giving the latest version, Hubble, a spin.

At this moment I am writing this review from my phone. You see, I booted BSD, ran a bath for the kids, undressed my son (which included cleaning up a nappy of epic proportions), called my daughter to come bath, took the nappy outside, tied back my daughter’s hair AND typed all of this on my cell before the bootloader even showed. From the bootloader onward bootup is very quick, but something is seriously wrong… ooh, desktop…
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The geek in me wants to try new stuff, and learn how they work. The geek in me also strives to be different than the mainstream. That is why I use Linux Software and is one of the reasons I run LinuxMint instead of Ubuntu Linux – everybody knows about Ubuntu, and it has lost a bit of its street-cred modifier.

Now Linux is becoming mainstream – people see you running something different and they ask “Hey! Is that Linux?”

Time for something different.

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