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Review: Linux Mint 9 KDE


A Mint derivative where the main color is BLUE. Yes I know that it is less than a month before Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat arrives, and then Linux Mint will follow with their releases soon after, but Mint 9 KDE warrants special attention.

For those of you who have been following I have been looking for the perfect KDE 4 distro. Yes I have been neglecting it a little, and I have no excuse for it besides hoping to drag it along that I can review Kubuntu Maverick as part of my quest. The current incarnation of Kubuntu (Lucid) is a wreck.

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Review: openSUSE 11.3 KDE


openSUSE logoopenSUSE 11.3 is available. It has been for a while actually, and this week it is my feature distro. I am using it in my “searching for the perfect KDE distro” quest. (You can read the first part HERE.)

I think it is quite good, and I might just have found my favorite KDE distro on the first try. What makes it so special? Glad you asked… continue reading…

Mandriva Spring 2010 is out! Yes Mandriva Logothe premier desktop distro has rolled out a new release. Yesterday I looked at the Gnome Edition, today it is the turn of the KDE4 version. Right of the bat I can say that PCLinuxOS has been dethroned as SaGeek’s “Best KDE Distro.”

Mandriva 2010 Spring KDE is better, read on for why. continue reading…


I am sure you know, but in case you didn’t – one of the most exciting and long lived desktop Linux distros has rolled out a new release.

Yes, Mandriva 2010 Spring is out – and I love it.Mandriva Is Recommended

This week Mandriva will feature three times – Two reviews; Gnome and KDE edition, and then I will be using Mandriva 2010 Spring KDE edition for another “7 Days Challenge Series.”

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Puppy Linux. One of the most iconic Linux distros out there. I have played around with them for what seems like ages, and have found reasons to both love and hate them over the years.

As of recently Puppy has been built with Ubuntu using woof and Puppy as the base, and I take a look at the newest release… continue reading…

Ubuntu LogoThe world has gone officially netbook crazy. Netbook sales are skyrocketing, increasing quarter on quarter. It is no surprise then that Ubuntu offers a Netbook variant of it’s operating system. In fact, many Netbook oriented Linux flavors exist. You may be surprised that I do not consider Ubuntu Netbook Remix the best of the bunch – for my money that crown belongs to Easy Peasy – which will be reviewed next month.

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Review: Apple iPhone 3GS


ReviewedI have been giving Apple products a lot of love this past month. Today SaBest handed me an iPhone 3GS to test, to coincide with their Facebook Post of the price drop on this model. It has been interesting spending some time with the iPhone.

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PCLOS ReviewedI used to be an avid PCLOS user. 2007 to 2008 I swore by it. It was THE distro for installing on PC’s. It supported codecs out of the box, worked when Ubuntu would not, and was quicker. It wooed me away from Mandriva back then. Ubuntu improved a lot though. It became more polished, and eventually between Linux Mint and Gutsy, I became an ubuntuphile. I decided to take a look at the newest release of PCLOS this week, here’s what I found.

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Snaptu HomepageSnaptu. Weird name, Great App. That is my first knee-jerk reaction to Snaptu. The marketing tagline is “A World of Free Apps, On Any Phone.” Does it deliver?

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Review: Apple iPad 64GB


Ipad ReviewSo here I am, Apple iPad in hand. Yes, I was lucky enough to be loaned an iPad from Online Stuff to review. I must say, it is pretty amazing. The iPad is very responsive, and browsing the web is a joy. Downside – I cannot blog from it. That is true for most mobile devices that I have tried though. What does the iPad offer in terms of real world benefits then?

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