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Ubuntu LogoIn South Africa we have a saying: “Feel it, it is here.” Mostly a hyped up superslogan left over from Soccer World Cup marketing schpiel. Well, Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat is here, and the online Community has been “Feeling It” since 10:10 yesterday, 10/10/10.

Now that I have had a chance to spend some real quality time with the real Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat (more on that later) I can bring you a review of Canonicals latest offering… continue reading…

Ubuntu LogoMaverick Meerkat is around the corner. Ubuntu 10.10 – the ten out of then release – of which rumors circulate that it will be released on the 10th of October (to complete a 10/10/10 release date) is almost here.

Today we take a look at it, and note some interesting things, among them a new installer…

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Review: Linux Mint 9 KDE


A Mint derivative where the main color is BLUE. Yes I know that it is less than a month before Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat arrives, and then Linux Mint will follow with their releases soon after, but Mint 9 KDE warrants special attention.

For those of you who have been following I have been looking for the perfect KDE 4 distro. Yes I have been neglecting it a little, and I have no excuse for it besides hoping to drag it along that I can review Kubuntu Maverick as part of my quest. The current incarnation of Kubuntu (Lucid) is a wreck.

Back to Linux Mint 9 KDE then… continue reading…


Decision time.

We have taken much longer than the original envisioned seven days. In this entry we decide on the best distro in each of the following categories: Grandma Distro, Elzje’s Favorite, Quintins Favorite, Best Utility Distro/Best USB Boot Disk, Best Ultra lightweight Distro.

Let’s Dive in: continue reading…

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I think we may have found our perfect LXDE distro. PCLOS LXDE is a bit of a surprise. After I thoroughly blasted the Gnome and KDE versions I avoided adding it to this series, but was convinced by a commenter to give it a try.

I am glad we did. continue reading…

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Tonight the second of our Reader Voted Lightweight Distros. Linux Mint XFCE, the second Mint to grace this series.

I couldn’t wait to check out this one. Linux mint has again become a favorite of ours, and the XFCE version of it promised to deliver.

Did it?

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Right, we are now at the first of our extra distros, voted in by you folks. Today our victim is Peppermint OS, the newest version based on Ubuntu Lucid.

What did we think?

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Hi, Quintin here. For the most part I am flying solo today. I came back late from the Lets Talk Geek podcast last night where I elbowed myself into being their guest for the week and I did not have the chance to get Elzje’s insight into our featured distro for the day.

I will add it later after one of her epic dinners.

On to the day then… continue reading…

(If you are new to this series you can start reading from DAY ONE here.)

Day Seven.

I decided Elzje and I are gonna cheat today.

Instead of going all out and testing another distro I thought it a good idea to stand back a bit and summarize some of our experiences of these past days.

We both learned some new things, have formed some opinions and had some notions shattered. Read on for some insights into our week with lightweight distros.

And this time I give Elzje the floor first… continue reading…

(If you haven’t done so, you may read this series from DAY ONE here.)

Today we hit up our lightest of lightweight distros. It fits in 20MB less than Damn Small Linux, when installed uses 65MB of RAM, and boots in less than ten seconds (depending on hardware).

Yes. Today we try out Slitaz Cooking.

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