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A crowdsourced web. Doesn’t sound too new does it? How about a collaborative crowdsourced web? Is there a service that makes this possible?

Imagine a web service where you can collaborate with a whole social network always there to help you solve your problem. aims to provide a service such as this, and it is launching Monday 22 November.

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Today’s snippets is nogal chock en block filled with stories.

We bring you the father of skynet Seymour Crays birthday, Google’s Birthday and more thingies.

Check it out.

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Today in snippets.

We have a birthday, a worm targeting real stuff and why I want to change my name.

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Daily Geek News Snippets Yo.

This day on the blog we bring you South Africa getting the iPhone, Internet as a weapon against poverty and Intel attempting to shaft their customers.

Seriously, What gives, Intel?

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Daily Snippets for Monday, This Week, This Year.

Among the stories we scrounged over the intarwebs for you are Apple approving some Google Voice apps, Germany still not liking Google Streetview and others.

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Tuesday Snippets for your entertainment.

Let me lead with a reminder that you have three more days to vote for us in the SA Blog Awards. We really appreciate you voting, and continuing your voting until Friday. Click the image to the left, or the massive image to the right to vote for us. (Voting is now closed, so the images have been removed. Thanks for voting!)

On to the news of the day, new Intel processors around the corner, Halo Reach Launched and more.

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Daily Snippets!

Today we bring you Super Mario turning 25, Nokia in trouble, Instant Youtube courtesy of a bored student and more!

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