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Today started well.

When I woke up I had that familiar numbness behind the eyes that goes with pushing out a blog post in the early AM’s before diving into bed next to my less-than-impressed darling wife.

On the upside my 3year old son was cradled in my arms, snuggling in best he could, and my daughter lay stretched out next to Elzje. Yep, today started well.

Then I got to work…

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Win7 and IIS 7 == Nightmare


Hi. My name is Quintin and I am a sysadmin/IT manager. From time to time I am asked to help out with some of the work that spills over from the workload of our other technicians.

I am generally OK with that, usually the stuff that I am asked to handle are a bit more advanced that the usual fare, and tend to stretch me an I come out the other side more technically adept.

Once in a while though, I get faced with a problem that causes me to break into uncontrollable swearing. I then – generally under my breath – spew vitriol at the computer screen that would not be uttered in polite company, and sometimes even in not-so-polite company.

Today was such a day…

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Right now I am staring at the screen of one of my colleagues laptops. It says “Operating System Not Found.” I take a moment, and while writing another DVD to boot Windows 7 from (we have a download license thanks…) I decide to reminisce about working in IT.

Do YOU want to work in IT?? Here are some of the things you have to keep in mind. Really, this is a guide for every kid who is good with computers, but thinks his skills will be enough to help him through a career in IT. Two words: STUDY. HARD.

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