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Ubuntu Natty Narwhal is here, yep, 11.04 has landed. (Is it just me or is there less Internet fanfare than before?) Along with Natty came the much discussed, loved-hated, maligned-adored, yet universally greatly expected Unity Interface.

Love it or hate it, I believe that most on-line opninionistas that has followed the roll-out of Unity to date has missed something that Unity might make possible in the near future – an application-rich environment.

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Right, now that I have your attention, let me make a semi controversial statement: If your real name – your identity -  is used by you online for the important things, it should be harder for someone to use your identity to impersonate you.

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Today is 8 Sept 2010 – 08/09/10 for everybody except you guys in the USA – and I bring you our weekly roundup!

Today the topic is TWITTER, and how to get a lot of twitter followers quickly, and why I think doing that is a bad idea.

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SaGeek RecommendedSocial Networking is the wave of now. You have Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, FriendConnect and to name but a few. They have become an important business tool, from connecting to your clients or as an increasingly important marketing tool. It only stands to reason that software developers out there will be making applications to use these networking tools. I will be looking at four of them.

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Okay, I am curious as to how social networking is influencing computer and cellphone use for people out there. I decided to gooi a quick survey together.

I tried to keep it short (only ten questions) and easy to navigate (one page,) so if you are so inclined, take the survey on the next page.

It doesn’t require you to enter any information about yourself, I am more interested in the trend than the who. Results will be made public, but it will be limited to answers given in the survey, and I will strip any personal information that might have been given in the text answers before doing so.

Of course you can add a comment below the survey if you have something else to add.

Okay, wanna play? Click the “Read More” button and answer away.

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