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Look, this is a quick and nasty, but at the end of this one you will have a cool angry birds quicklauncher in your Unity sidebar and clicking it will launch Angry Birds Beta in a Chromium App window.

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Ubuntu Natty Narwhal is here, yep, 11.04 has landed. (Is it just me or is there less Internet fanfare than before?) Along with Natty came the much discussed, loved-hated, maligned-adored, yet universally greatly expected Unity Interface.

Love it or hate it, I believe that most on-line opninionistas that has followed the roll-out of Unity to date has missed something that Unity might make possible in the near future – an application-rich environment.

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Using Gnome Shell – Day 7


(This is the final installment of the “Using Gnome Shell” Series, Day One can be found HERE, and the post that started the whole series can be found HERE.)

Fathers Day, and the end of my Gnome-Shell series. I still find it surreal to log into a session running Gnome-Shell and see a desktop devoid of familiar features. Gnome-Shell is the new direction Gnome is going for release 3, and Ubuntu seems set on following suit.

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Preview: Ubuntu Unity


UnityA new look for Ubuntu Netbook Remix is on the way. Dubbed Unity, it was discussed at length by Mark Shuttleworth on his blog on Monday. Having been busy with the iPad review and some other back-end goodies for the blog I completely missed the news and only happened on it today. I decided to give it a spin and see what all the hype is about.

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