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The Media tribunal is staring the media in South Africa in the face. I have pondered the implications of  Media Tribunal for a while now. I have an opinion about what it will mean to the unofficial press, the unregulated media that is  so prevalent.

Bloggers and Microbloggers

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Today is 8 Sept 2010 – 08/09/10 for everybody except you guys in the USA – and I bring you our weekly roundup!

Today the topic is TWITTER, and how to get a lot of twitter followers quickly, and why I think doing that is a bad idea.

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Our weekly roundup today features security.

This week -  Facebook app steals peoples privacy (again), industry heavyweights launch security awareness campaign.

This week Quintin also shares with us his top twelve “Be Safe on the Internet” rules.

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Social networking made a lot of news of late. Facebook is moving into search, the oldest Twitter user died at age 104, 500 million Facebook users, 20BILLION tweets reached on 2 August – ten billion of those since 5 March 2010 (!)

Imagine the Internet without Social Networking. Impossible isn’t it?

We use it to market our business, stay in touch with our friends, ask questions from professionals.

Microsoft even entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the most active twitter account!

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Weekly Roundup Time.

Apple has made news a lot lately. From the iPhone that works “if you hold it right” to their most powerful Mac Pro to date.  Don’t forget the release of the iPad. Here are a few Apple stories that made the news lately.

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